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Moving On, If All Alone

By: K. Godfrey Easter  ||  December 31, 2012


Well everyone, I’ve tried. My close friends will tell you that I’ve tried my damnedest  but being Christian doesn’t make since anymore. So, with the God of Grace ever present at my side, it’s time to say goodbye to organized Christianity… for good, this time. It can keep the residual royalties from years of misusing my gifts placed before untrustworthy swine. But please, let me take what little remains of the life that being Christian has stolen from me before my very eyes, if the church doesn’t mind.

Around this time in 2010, I was unsuccessful with this same resolution. Before January of 2011 expired, I had already been sucked back up into all the madness. From then until now all I’ve been met with is more of the same, sensational and emotional, but  powerless religious tradition. All year long, I’ve pleaded in prayer that God, through His grace, would show me something better than Christianity or at least something else.

When I voice my many complaints against the insane condition of Christianity today, its leadership either ignores my cry for sanity or arrogantly writes off my debatable points as rebellion. Then they shut down the conversation using the same weak excuse:

No one’s perfect. Even the church shouldn’t be expected to get it right all the time.

inspireI agree… to a point, the church is not perfect. In fact, all the disagreeing  denominations which make up its divided body of members can agree upon is tithing, which isn’t even a prerequisite to being fully embraced by Christ. I don’t suggest that its leaky system of religion be thrown out with every filthy drop of its bath water. But, since the church is so quick to admit to being imperfect, why do most Christian leaders still project themselves and then treat their neighbor and even their own flocks as if they are? Since the water is dirty, why not at least drain the nasty tub, repair its obvious leaks, scrub it clean and then refill it with fresh water? Instead, it faithlessly clings to the spiritually fruitless traditions of men. Even worse, with all the integrity of an unscrupulous used car salesperson, it then presents dirty water as clean to lure mankind and our children into its cesspool. Would you want to repeatedly bathe in dirty, filthy water? Can someone else besides Jesus who feels me PLEASE shout – BLIND GUIDES!!!

How can any church claiming to know God or Christ remain so silent about the worst kind of child molesters, sugar daddies and putrid piles of divorces existing lurking within its own pulpit, not just its pews? Moreover, how can it then throw head-splitting stones at God’s children, born same-gender attracted? The church will never understand God, Christ or really help anyone until it first realizes that without a love that overlooks sin its worthless.

Although I’m convinced that I was born gay, I agree with the church.  Homosexuality is a sin. But, but sincere followers of Christ need only trail both God’s and Christ’s precedent setting narrow love path to properly discern how to address such a socially, culturally and even religiously complex issue as homosexuality. Before any of us were born, God looked beyond being gay and gifted us with Christ. Then Christ, the full expression of God's love adorned in grace and truth, overlooked our sins, too. Forgiving all our trespasses, He was nailed  to a dirty cross. So then, if God looked beyond and Christ overlooked our sins, then why does Christian leadership attempt to judge others with love that's unlike our Creator's sand Savior's?

I still have a few sinful habits left in my life to bring under subjection. But, after my music contract expires this February with this last Christian ministry, I’m sincerely trusting in God that the church will no longer be one of them. No more hoping and praying that the church will choose love and change for the better by faith. Although it preaches sanity maybe it’s not supposed to be clean. In nature, God, always grows many nourishing, fruitful and useful things from the dirt of the earth. I don’t know, anymore, but I know how to trust God even though I don’t. Unfortunately, there’s one truth today that I’m certain of – organized Christianity doesn’t know, either.

This essay represents my first article in a new series launched by the reconciling ministries of ACTS & BEYOND. Throughout 2013, “Exiting Egypt” will chronicle the first year in the life of a recovering Christian, living Christianity-free.

Thanks to my Facebook family for your invaluable feedback, encouragement and support, as I continue following the Light of Christ toward a brighter spiritual tomorrow.

In 2013, I’m expecting God to do great things in my life and yours.

Happy New Year !!!

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