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About K. Godfrey Easter

K. Godfrey Easter

In 2002, Keith Godfrey Easter wrote “Love Lifted Me: In Spite of The Church,” one of the first books which candidly chronicled the many hazardous pitfalls he endured from being born Black and same-gender attracted, but raised heterosexually Christian. His literary efforts were well received by the then fledgling, affirming-Christian community until 2005, when he suddenly announced he was “ex-gay.” But, because of the surge in gay-teen suicides, coupled with the flood of trusted, but predatory clergy that began gaining worldwide attention in recent years, Easter began reevaluating his core religious beliefs, sexuality and his lifelong, love-hate relationship with organized Christianity. Years later, after reconciling the degree to which the religion's leaders are so internally divided, it dawned on him where his lifelong confusion had originated. He soon after reemerged as an apologetically, same-gender-attracted, recovering Christian, and with his second inspirational literary effort, “The Insanity of Christianity Today,” in hand.

The first Sunday in February 2013 marked the last Sunday he attended a Christian as a Christian. He writes in his newest book, "There has to be more to Christ than the insanity of Christianity today."

Since then, he’s been an advocate for religious change while serving believers who have been physically, sexually and mentally maligned by misguided religious teachings and dangerous religious practices. He has been serving his community and ministering the restorative love found in trusting The God in Christ through and beyond organized Christianity through the suite of practical and online ministries provided through ACTS & BEYOND.

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