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Why I Repented Being Gay



Though it costs all you have...,” Wisdom insists, 

“…get understanding.”


Why I Repented Being Gay represents an exploration into the depths of the grace and truth of God concerning same-gender attraction. It has been written to help speak peace to the seemingly insurmountable challenges faced by believer and unbeliever alike, seeking to better understand God and human sexuality. It addresses humanity’s dire need to better understand God’s unconditional Gospel of grace in hopes that the church – the “light of the world” – is liberated to let her light of love so shine before men much brighter than it does today.

So, if you’re a committed Christian, who remains convinced that it is too difficult, impossible or even unnecessary to resist thinking or acting on innate, homosexual thoughts and tendencies then this empowering Gospel message is tailored especially for you. In fact, Why I Repented Being Gay is a must read for every Kingdom Citizen who has ever wanted to understand why or has ever been challenged by homosexuality. Whether called to pulpits or serving God from a pew; from start to finish, this message was inspired just for you.

Surpassing all alternative pursuits, Wisdom, with gale-force determination, admonishes all to “…get understanding.” To that end, Author K. Godfrey Easter invites neighbors near and far to accompany him as he, by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, returns to a place where he forewarns, “Understanding, like oxygen, permeates the atmosphere.”

Though it costs all you have...,” the Wisdom of God insists, “…get understanding.”

Why I Repented Being Gay
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