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The goal of this resource ministry is to aid organized religion in America in becoming socially safer worship institutions by raising public awareness of the sides of organized Christian leadership that they avoid addressing, until law enforcement, secular media or our courts force them to act.

The Christian Hall of Shame publishes this ever-growing directory also fan the flames of encouragement within the hearts of every believer who has ever trusted in Christian leaders, only to be physically, sexually, mentally abused or manipulated. By viewing the un-Christlike actions of today’s Christian leaders, it is the prayerful vision of ABMI that the courageous victims of religious cruelty, injustice, molestation, betrayal and bullying, might be strengthened on their road to physical, mental and spiritual restpratopm/

ABMI realizes that not all churches house the kind of religiously ravenous wolves in shepherd’s clothing that have been inducted below into the Christian Hall of Shame. However, until church leaders begin speaking out concerning the proper, loving behavior and actions that every believer should have toward every brother and sister and against what can only be described as religious insanity, ABMI will continue raising public awareness of the other side of the religion that is failing society, every believer and even The God In Christ. Until the church starts remotely resembling the “…one body in heart and mind” that Jesus so vehemently prayed that His authentic church would represent, C.H.O.S. will continue publishing its wicked acts against humanity.  

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Christian Hall of Shame — 7 Comments

  1. In all due respect, I really don’t think you should be putting Christian leaders ACCUSED–i.e. , John Pinkston in the same place as Clergy who were PROVEN guilty OR who PLEA-dealed.

    I understand you principle, but what about Brian B who was falsely accused before being clearly and 100 % exonerated ?

    At least “DO UNTO OTHERS,,,” and say they were “ACCUSED”–but not yet found guilty of anything. SOME OF THESE PEOPLE YOU DO NOT YET HAVE PROOF TO BE “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” their reputation.

    NOW–after you have plea deals, or admissions of guilt or courtroom-proven guilt, them by all means hold them accountable on the “Wall of Shame”.

    Without any of these kind of things, What if YOUR son was falsely accused ????

  2. All of these allegations has been proven false. And William McCray is a extortionist that is going to jail. I think the ethical thing to do is to take down this story. William McCray had to take it down and he authored it. Do the right thing. God bless

    • Please send the name of the individual you are requesting to be removed from the Christian Hall of Shame using this website’s “Contact ABMI” page and a copy of or link to any document that exonerates said individual and ABMI will investigate the matter and respond to your request.

  3. He hasn’t even been convicted yet, wow talk about evil eye. Many people wanted to see this guy go down because he preached hard and true. For this reason alone I find the charges highly suspect.

  4. I understand that Bishop Jones should be forgiven even if he’s never willing to admit that he, too, is a sinner. He should even be allowed to go on preaching, if you ask me. Because obviously, no one is without sin. In this case, especially preachers. But, what I can’t quite grasp is how Christians leaders like this one, which news outlets are nowadays highlighting their sinful acts on almost a daily basis, how any preacher can point filthy, accusing fingers at gay and lesbian people or anyone else for that matter when Christian pulpits are just as sinful as those they accuse. This is the fundamental definition of hypocrisy – compounding your sins by pointing tainted, accusatory fingers at others. Hypocrisy, in particular, was one of Christ’s pet peeves.

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