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Title: LOVE LIFTED ME: In Spite Of The Church
Author: K. Godfrey Easter
Publication Date: 5/2002
ISBN: 0-9719604-0-2
Pages: 216


Cover Commentary

Love Lifted Me: In Spite Of The Church is an inspirational read of an openly gay man's triumphant journey through the guild, shame and condemnation brought on by his Christian upbringing. It chronicles events from his youth and throughout his young adulthood, describing a vivid, moving, and sometimes comical portrait of how seemingly insurmountable social and spiritual challenges guided him to his own Damascus Road. "Within my own private valley of the shadow of death" is where his deeply-rooted yet abandoned faith in the unconditionally loving God of All was forever restored, and his unique, human orientation eternally validated by God.

The author writes, "But be not dismayed. We'll eventually reach the other side of the Pharisaical Christian's hell, where a smoother ride exists." Elsewhere he says, "As the proud, single parent of a sixteen-year-old son, how could I not be the proper example and openly declare my social validity and spiritual liberty in Christ.

More than any other published book today on gay Christianity as it relates to the African-American religious community, Easter exposes the ambiguity lodged deep within the root of organized religion, as he's experienced it. With this literary rendering, he describes how his faith in God brought him over. "If Christ has set me free, why should I be bound, especially by my Christian church?" He boldly declares.

LOVE LIFTED ME: In Spite Of The Church

Table Of Contents


Introduction (Sample chapter. Click title to read.)

Chapter 1 - V. Deeply Stained Was His Name

Chapter 2 - Take Me Back — Take Me Back Dear Lord

Chapter 3 - Misguided, Confused, And Feeling Alone

Chapter 4 - Searching For Love In All The Wrong Places

Chapter 5 - Living From Inside A Bag With Holes

Chapter 6 - Realizing My Anchor In The Midst Of The Storm

Chapter 7 - Who Am I That Thou Are Mindful Of Me

Chapter 8 - My Personal Damascus Road Experience

Chapter 9 - As I Pilgrim Through This Barren Land

Chapter 10 - Refusing To Be Called The Son Of Pharaoh’s Daughter

Chapter 11 - Guide Me, Oh!…Thou, Great Jehovah

Chapter 12 - God Did Create Adam And Steve

Epilogue - Free Indeed

LOVE LIFTED ME: In Spite Of The Church
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