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The Insanity of Christianity Today

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 "A loveless world," Jesus said, "is a sightless world."

(John 14:23)


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Title: The Insanity of Christianity Today
ISBN: Pending
Author: K. Godfrey Easter
Publication Date: 10/2013
Pages: 160 (Approx.)
Price: $20 + $3.99 s/h

T.I.C.T. Commentary:

It’s sad, but still necessary to admit that neither Catholicism nor Christianity can be trusted with our most precious commodity and theirs, too – our children. The church appears to many today as being disconnected from reality and a far cry even from the Gospel preached by Christ. Consequently, more people are rethinking church and justifiably so. So, how should believers in the God in Christ view going to church today? Do we stop attending altogether or keep spiritually spinning our wheels? Even worse, what’s the alternative for the disgruntled, yet committed and often lifelong born-again Christian?

Utilizing the pure Gospel and current events as its canvas, The Insanity of Christianity Today draws chilling comparisons between the prevailing voice resounding from some of the most influential spiritual pulpits in America today and the religious leaders that mercilessly crucified Christ. T.I.C.T. is not about anger, bitterness or justifiably lashing out at a highly influential religious institution. This unique journey simply presents one believer’s desperate search for an authentic Kingdom on earth that all four Gospels insist should brightly shine from any religion proclaiming Christ's matchless name. But alas, it isn’t about religion, either. Unfortunately, T.I.C.T. is about reality.

As absolutely everything in creation today excruciatingly groans in prophetic agony for authentic Kingdom representation, T.I.C.T. unearths the bigotry, spellbinding manipulation, entrenched bullying and long-term emotional abuse lurking beneath the welcoming smiles of today's Christian leadership, dripping each week with practiced sincerity. Then T.I.C.T. points believers to a more excellent way.

If you're considering becoming a Christian then you should most certainly read this eye-opening warning against becoming caught up in all the madness. If you're already a committed sheep of this fold then you should read The Insanity of Christianity Today to better understand the horrors that your divided, manipulative and un-Christlike religion inflicts on your neighbor, blindly and otherwise. From Christianity to Catholicism, after you've finished digesting T.I.C.T., never again will you view going to church or the Good News of Jesus Christ exactly the same.

Introduction - Is Christianity Dead? (Sample Chapter)

The Insanity of Christianity Today
Table Of Contents

Guiding Scriptures (Read Sample Chapter)

Darkness: Amos 5:21-24 (MSG)

Light: 1 Corinthians 13: 1-2 (AMP)

Introduction (Read Sample Chapter)

Is Christianity Dead?

Passion, Not Anger

Chapter One

One Body, One Voice

The Schizophrenic Voice Of Christianity

The Unmistakable Voice of Oneness

Chapter Two

Misunderstanding Same-Gender Attraction

Misunderstanding Chelsea

Those Two Folding Chairs

Chapter Three

Is Homosexuality A Sin?

Sodom And Gomorrah Revisited

Chapter Four

The Fruit Tells You About The Tree

Shanks Carved From Sacred Scripture

A Fit of Carn-ality

Chapter Five

Even When Christianity’s Right, It’s Wrong

Leaven Gone Wild

Something Naturally Unexplainable

Chapter Six

Christianity’s Catch-22

“I Hate Divorce”

Chapter Seven

The Insanity of Christianity Today

Diseased Trees With Bad Apples

Chapter Eight

I Put A Spell On You

A Gifted, Shiftless Shepherd

A Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothing

Chapter Nine

You’re A Bullying Shepherd If…

How To Know If You’re A Bullying Shepherd

Chapter Ten

Grace’s Bags Are Packed

A Dark, Spiritually Desolate Age

Homosexuality: Just A Spiritual Barometer

Chapter Eleven

The Inevitable Test

Gifted With A Free Heart

A Test of Intimacy


The Kingdom Citizen’s Bright Path

Sinful, But Still Accepted By God

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THE INSANITY OF CHRISTIANITY TODAY - (Paperback Format | Shipping 2-8 Weeks) Reg. $15
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